Rotation Product Life Again

Rotation Product, soon life again. recently talk over the phone with Bonprasetio (Owner Rotation Product) and The Legend BMX indonesia. Who once posted on the

and, now will send information about Rotation Product - Flatlander Boy frame.
Rotation Product - Flatlander Boy frame

Signature by: Andry Prasetio a.k.a Bon Prasetio
Headtube Angle: 75°
Seattube Angle: 72°
Top Tube: 17", 18,5", and 19"
Chain Stay: 12,4"
Material: Seamless Tube
Bottom-Bracket: Euro, and Spanish
Dropouts: Lasercut, 4mm,10mm slots
Weight: 2.200g = 4.85lbs
Color: Raw, Blue, Pink, White, and Black.

Lifetime Warranty

Price: IDR 700.000 - 80 USD
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Short story: He is a figure in Indonesia and owner Rotation Product, roomates are crucial for the development of Indonesian BMX, because he is a figure who built the BMX flatland scene in the province of East Java, Indonesia with Djumadi and Solikin. And, finally thanks to the struggle him (Bonprasetio) in the province of East Java, Indonesia. We can see the best riders in Indonesia, example: Arya Dypta Harsa Abimantrana, Adi Rosadi a.k.a Rombeng, Dedet, Zimmi Akhmad, and etc.

Arya Dypta Harsa Abimantrana

for Original tricks by Bon Prasetio
Hichhiker One Foot-One Hand, get a 1st Champion at Best Battle Trick Jatim (Jawa Timur or East Java) on 2009 Created in 2006, he added some more difficult moves, which slowly release the right foot peg on the pedestal original and replace the front wheel is held with the right hand, which makes the position of the body bent like a turbine. "It takes great balance to perform these tricks," continued Bonbon. Success with this trick does not make Bonbon satisfied. He is now preparing Lapindo Trick.

Lapindo Trick

How to Hichhiker One Foot-One Hand:
1. Initially do the trick Hitchhiker as usual.
2. The right hand holds the rear tire balance at a fixed position.
3. Then slowly on the right foot tumpuhan replaced with tumpuhan right, replace the balance on the right hand.
4. After so orginal position trick "Hitchhiker One-foot One-hand" shortly thereafter returned to normal again Hitchhiker position and perform landing.

Hitchhiker One-foot One-hand

Make this more significant:
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