Share some project BMX Flatland from Indonesia and other countries. Make ​​me very happy to contribute in 831 FLATLAND. This week, my friend Lísias Tabarelli sent word to me about what happened recently. HAPPY MONDAYS AND STEP ON !!! Let's look at some of the developments BMX Flatland in Brazil.

BFWC & Overground - Underground scene within the event, on October 12, 2014 - Sunday. Philanthropic work towards the development of the sport. Rider's PRO-Flatland from all corners of the world, Japan, Spain, Chile, Argentina, United States and Brazil.

Filming and Edited: Lísias Tabarelli
with SONY HX-1 + Lente SONY Wide Angle 0.43X

Flatland Way! (Lisias Tabarelli)

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