E Lot - A Flatland Short by PropsBMX

This was a fun little side project Brian Tunney and I worked on one June day in Madison, WI, where we delved into the retrospective psychology of riding flatland hours on end alone in a parking lot.
Shot on 16mm and 8mm film. Head games circa 2000.

Sometimes life can become a stressful series of head games. A constant test, as if two sides of consciousness are in deep battle over the ownership of one’s sanity. Replaced, with a faithless void by your mind.

It’s believed, we, as humans, are only capable of utilizing less than ten percent of our brain. Leaving the other ninety percent untouched by our consciousness. To me, this poses a series of questions. Does this merely limit the head games, or would a deeper understanding just overcomplicate them? And if so, would we be capable of unimaginable wonders, or be relegated to confusion? click to readmore
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