Highlights: Malang Fest and Reunion 2013, BMX STREET

Malang Fest and Reunion 2013, is an offering of Malang City government with d'Kross Community as a venue for gathering Arema and people in Malang, Indonesia on Sunday, September 16th, 2013. Various events have been held here, such as: Carnival decorative car, Lantern parade, Boxing, X-treme Game (BMX and Skate Competition), and etc. There I also met with any one of the legends in East Java: Lukman Makor and Bon Prasetio from Indonesia. Highly influential to the development of BMX in Indonesia, especially in East Java. Today I will present scene "Malang Fest and Reunion 2013",

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Riders: Alah Cah-Cah (Yoga Prasetya "Tio" and Arnou Yogi'e), Throwtowar (Saiful, Tompret, Pandu, Dypta, Aris, and Bendot), NSTBMX (Hasan), and Natural We (Fandik).

Filmed by: Sogol Satrio and Yoga Prasetya "Tio".
Edited by: Sogol Satrio.

Location: Malang, Indonesia.

Filmed with,
Camera: CASIO EXILIM EX-ZS20 and W*BIKE Glide-Cam.
Music: Ice Cube feat Snoop Dogg & Lil' Jon Go To Church.

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