Catfish 2013

I love Barcelona period. These are a bunch of clips I filmed over the last couple months. Shout out to Fernando and Ema for filming these for me. Also shout out to all the homies in BCN. Jason Tas, Lucas, Mono, Santi, Leandro, Mini, Eber, all the argentinian barbers, Lachuga Pizza, Nasty Mondays, Mad Max, Soren, naked people on the beach, dogs, the guy that i choked in the stairwell, and most importantly the old lady from Vine. Ill be back soon! As always a big thanks to all the companies that make my life that much more awesome..DK Bikes, Monster Energy, Fox, Arnette, and taco bell. Also shout out to Montana Ricky for all the rocket manual love.
Make this more significant:
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