Tips on Making Better Flatland Web Edits by Jim Mckay

This is the first sentence and I’m already tripping over my tongue to avoid sounding condescending, or like a know-it-all; because I’m not. The thing is tho, in the past couple of years I can honestly say that I’ve seen as many, or in most cases, more flatland web edits than darned near anyone, because what I do every single day is go through all the new videos to determine which will be good for posting, and which won’t. I’ve seen a ton now, and I want say some stuff based on that.

Now that flatland has a chance for massive exposure to a whole new audience (The Come Up site, and hell, all over the place if it’s done well), I’m finding myself seeing some of the same characteristics in video after video that is keeping them from being good shares. I feel obligated to say something about that. This isn’t meant to criticise anyone of course; in fact I’m hoping that if you make videos, you might find something in here that makes sense and helps your videos be more successful online. I’d also like to add that I don’t think all of my videos are great examples. I’m learning too, and figuring things out as I go. When you get into it, you’ll find that just knowing the recipe doesn’t always guarantee success. It takes a lot of work, practice, and attention to detail. That been said, here I go: click to readmore

Make this more significant:
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